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Offered exclusively at the Bronzed Bunny Cabana - OC location

M'lis Body Contour Wrap  70 min. $115

Lose up to 1/2 dress or pant size with each wrap / Provides cellulite reduction through detoxifying body cleansing / Benefits are immediate and inch loss is real / Addresses the real causes of cellulite in a holistic way / Warm, luxurious, pampering and comfortable / Not a water loss system- skin and body stay hydrated / Inch loss is permanent / Sanitary 

A series of 3-6 body wraps is recommended. There should be 4-7 days between each wrap. If a client is overweight and on a weight loss program, a wrap is suggested for each 5-10 pounds lost.
 Average loss of 4-14 inches in 1 hour. This is not a weight loss program, but a permanent inch-loss program. The inches will only return if the client goes back to old habits. Eating the right types of foods, proper exercise, and drinking 8 glasses of water per day is always recommended.

Pre-Bronze Desert Detox Scrub  20 min $45

Enhance the results of your tan with this cellulite fighting detox scrub. Let us scrub away toxins and dead skin with our unique blend of desert minerals, volcanic ash and organic herbs which boosts circulation and diminishes the look of lumpy bumpy areas. This will leave your skin petal soft and ready for your bronzing session!

Beach Bunny Sea Salt Scrub  25 min $60

Get an invigorating full body rub with our mineral-packed, detoxifying sea salt blend, then nourish skin with our special hydrating formula and melt-in body masque. This restorative exfoliating treatment helps heal ingrowns and body blemishes and improves skin texture. Leave feeling perfectly-polished, buttery- soft, and brand-spankin’ new. Excellent prep for events requiring gorgeous skin. Get glowing like never before!

Bunny Luxe Body Art $20

Use your body as a canvas with our line of luxury, long-lasting, temporary body art applications.  For more info, check out: gbodyartpro.com  *Only $15 if added to another service


Offered exclusively at the Bronzed Bunny Cabana - OC location

Includes deep cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, and hydrating masque.

Back Facial 30 min $50

Blast away back-ne and bumpy dry skin. Be ready to show off your bodacious back and silky shoulders.

Bikini Facial 20 min $30

A must for banishing bumps on the top and sides of your bikini line. Perfect for treating existing ingrowns and preventing new ones. 

Booty Facial 20 min $40

Get a touchably soft bum and a better rear view! Necessary if you dare to bare in exotic swimwear and lingerie. 

Bronzed Bunny Custom Signature Facial 60 mins $85

Relax for an hour and brave the world with better, healthier skin? Yes, please! Our signature European facial is customized to treat your face, neck, and cleavage. Detoxify, revitalize, and renew with 100% organic plant-derived goodness. Includes thorough cleansing, light action peel, extractions, masquage, and deep hydration. You will be massaged from your forehead down to your fingers, and your feet will be wrapped in warm paraffin. This is the pick-me-up your body and soul are begging for!

Gentlemen's Facial 50 mins $65

A very organic, very manly way to unwind. Each treatment consists of total cleansing of the face and neck, a relaxing massage of the upper body, hands, and arms, a deeply detoxifying algae mask, any necessary extractions, and a hydrating scalp massage to combat flakes and dryness. This facial is tailored to address male skincare concerns, and pays special attention to purification and toning. Every good boy deserves one!


All treatments include skin condition consultation, cleansing, your choice of sugaring or good ol' fashioned wax, soothing post-application, moisturizer, and spot-treatment to heal ingrowns. Additional areas upon request.

Eyebrows $25

Upper Lip $15

Cheeks $15

Chin $10

Jawline/Neck $20

Hairline/Sideburns $20

Full Face $65 - Excludes eyebrows.

Décolletage $35

Underarms $20

Half Arms $40

Full Arms $55

Half Leg $60

Full Leg $100

Abdomen $35 and up

Ladies Back $35

Men's Full Back $55 and up

Male Chest/Torso $45 and up

Cabana Boy 80min $95

Highly recommended for first time male back hair removal. An excellent way to exfoliate away dry, dead skin on the male body. We make him smooth with manly hair removal treatments of the entire back, neck and shoulders. This treatment includes any necessary extractions, healing masque and cool compresses to quell redness and irritation. Fading of the upper arms included. Especially recommended for the first time male body sugaring. * Please bring a clean white shirt to wear after treatment as fabric dye may irritate open follicles. 


Each treatment begins with a refreshing beverage of your choice and all necessary skin preparation. A soothing masque application, ingrown relief, and individual aftercare consultation complete the service. Numbing crème is available for purchase and is recommended to apply one hour before your appointment. Experience the ultimate VIB bikini service!

Classic Bikini $45

Keep it simple and sophisticated. Your basic bikini shaping removes unwanted hair from the sides and off the top. You may wear your favorite bikini during the service or a paper thong will be provided.

Almost Bare Bikini $60

Extend your bikini line to remove hair further in and underneath. You are left with a “love patch” in front and down the middle. Does not include lips or booty service.

Bare Naked Bikini $70

Get your full Bunny Brazilian on. Removes all hair inner, outer, above, below, and of course, booty service. Like the name implies, no hair is left “behind.” Get it?

The Hundred Dollar Bikini $100 / 60 mins

Highly recommended for first time brazilians and sugar virgins who want to go full monty. Start with a relaxing scalp relief ritual and paraffin foot aroma treatment, follow with a full bare bikini, and end with a seaweed masque. Includes a 5-day follow-up service. Finally, a brazilian with full benefits!

Bum Cheeks $40

Get your bum soft as a sugared bottom! Removes all fuzz from area below lower back to right under the cheeks, and both sides of the hips.

The Valley Girl $110

The best of both worlds!  Our bare naked bikini plus a single airbrush tan. ($10 savings)

Booty Service $20

Get rid of any unwanted hair in between cheeks and down the crack.

the MANdatory $75

Because paleo style should be limited to diets.  This is not an option, it's mandatory.  Our version of the male brazilian.  We'll clean up the top and sides of your male assets while avoiding the sensitive areas.  Go Bottom's Up and smooth out your bum for only $50 more.  


CRUSH THE COMPETITION WITH OUR CUSTOM BLEND! Darker skin shows off the definition you've worked so hard to achieve and our deep glow will certainly attribute to your prized assets.  Take home the gold with our perfect blend of bronze.

2-Day Competition Tanning Package $110

The ultimate package for a winning glow.  Includes a body-contouring airbrush tan the night before your competition at our salon and one day-of spray/touch up on-location.

Mobile Services

Want the bunny to come to you?  Contact us to inquire about package pricing for on-location bronzing needs & sugaring sessions.


Single Airbrush Tan $45 

Single Rapid Tan $55

3 Tans $120 ($40 each $15 savings)

6 Tans $216 ($36 each $54 savings)

10 Tans $320 ($32 each $130 savings)

*Tanning packages never expire  

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