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Why Sugaring?

Sugaring, or body sugar from Alexandria
Professional, has a lot of benefits over
body waxing...

#1. Can Lead To Permanency.

~ Hair growth is more refined after each sugaring session
~ After a number of treatments the hair follicle begins to deplete,
which leads to permanency

#2. Extracts Very Short Hairs.

~ Can be extracted with only 4-7 days of growth after shaving ~ 10 days preferred / required for first treatment

#3. Pure | Natural | Biodegradable Ingredients.

~ Sugar, Lemon, Water ~ So natural you can eat it! ~ Paste is hypoallergenic | Non-comedogenic ~ Sugaring paste will not adhere to live skin cells, causing less trauma to the skin than other forms of hair removal and no fear of ripping layers of skin off

#4. A Natural Exfoliation For The Skin.

~ Can leave dry, dehydrated skin soft & smooth without flakes. Also sugaring can brighten tattoos!

#5. An Art Performed In A Relaxing Setting That Can Be Meditative.

#6. Lukewarm Temperature Will Never Burn Your Skin.

#7. Eases Hair Out Of The Follicle In Natural Direction Of Growth.

~ This means you have less chance of developing ingrown hairs and breakage

#8. Water-Soluble Sugar Paste.

~ Rinses clean with warm water ~ No residue will be left on the skin
~ Will not stain garments or sheets

#9. Very Sanitary.

~ Sugar can not breed bacteria, so bacteria will not breed in the jar
~ Same sugar paste is used for the whole body, no double dipping
~ Gloves are used for every treatment

#10. Enviromentally friendly!

~ Biodegradable paste ~ Limited resources used {no strips or sticks needed}

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